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Chickie Wah Wah Show Canceled

Hey Folks! So sorry to hear that Chickie Wah Wah took about of foot of water during the recent flooding. That said, my show with Arsene DeLay tomorrow 8/10/17 has been canceled.

We hope they are up and running soon!

Our sympathy goes out to all who suffered any loss during one of the craziest days of rain we’ve had in a while.

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Review in No Depression by Rachel Cholst

Lynn Drury Persists in Rise of the Fall
Lynn Drury – Rise of the Fall

MAY 31, 2017

Lynn Drury’s become a master of the world-weary ballad. That doesn’t mean Drury’s stuck in a rut; it’s just that on her eighth (!) album, Rise of the Fall, she plays to her strengths. Drury’s got a refreshing earthiness to her voice that give her songs warmth while her backing band of New Orleans all-stars adds a shot of slinky Tabasco sauce to the otherwise Schlitz-fueled twang. (I couldn’t think of a better food combo but if you have a more appetizing idea, feel free to comment below.)

Each song feels like a nugget of hard-earned wisdom, though it’s never preachy. “Lifetime of Living” is a reminder that the good times aren’t supposed to last, but are a welcome respite from painful lessons. “Tuesday Lover” kisses off a lover who doesn’t appreciate Drury’s (inestimable) value. “Taking All the Good People” stands out to me as one of the most steadfast political songs of the year — its measured approach has a slow-burning effect that an angrier or more histrionic song simply would not. Rise of the Fall further cements Drury’s place in the firmament of New Orleans songwriters — no frills but with an attention to artistry and craft.
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