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Thursday, Sept 11th, Siberia

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Wed, Sep 10th, Margaritaville, 6:30pm

Thurs, Sep 11th, Siberia, 6-9pm with Chris Adkins

Fri, Sept 12th, Buffa’s Bar 8pm Buffa’s Bar

Sat, Sept 13th, Bombay Club, 9:30pm

Sun, Funky Pirate, 4pm



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Lynn Drury Band & LA Music Prize

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LA Music Prize Main Event

Lynn Drury band is a finalist in this years La Music Prize Event! Chosen as one of the top 5 bands, each band performs next week for celebrity and industry judges, and one band will win $5,000 and studio time with Brady Blade at Blade studios! The event takes place Thursday, Oct 9th, 2014 at the Voodoo Cafe in Shreveport, LA. Please come out and support them if you are in the area! Show details here: LA Music Prize

Official Music Video!!!

Whoohooo!!  Time to celebrate!  We just finished the worldwide video for “Come to My House” the title track for the new album. Big thanks to Anthony Favre, for directing, and Kaitlin Hanrahan & Derek Bridges for camera’s and editing!  The cast of characters includes Casandra Faulconer, Chris Pylant, Jorge Lopez, Diana Shortez, Margie Perez, Anthony Favre, John Sharappa, Alisha Bigelow, Paul Walther, Jack Pollack, Stevie Silver, Ricky Stein, Emily Morganti, Brian Hudson, Monica Dhand, Sophie Kunen.

“Come To My House” Video Shoot

We had a blast last week shooting the new video for “Come to My House,” the title track from the new album. With the Mighty K & D (Kaitlin Hanrahan and Derek Bridges) manning the cameras and Anthony Favre directing, it was a fun-filled day with shirtless poker players and lovers in stairwells. Here’s a little behind the scenes for you! A big thank you for all who participated. You made me feel like a superstar! The cast included Casandra Faulconer, Chris Pylant, Diana Shortez, Margie Perez, Jack Pollack, Brian Hudson, Monica Dhand, Ricky Stein, Emily Morganti, Paul Walther, Jorge Lopez, John Sharappa, Stevie Silver & Alisha Bigelow. I hope i didn’t leave anyone out! Much love to you. Image-1 Image-1 (1) 1406022460208   Jack Pollack, Diana Shortez & Jorge Lopez! 1406022759786 Anthony Favre, Diana Shortez, Me and Margie Perez!