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Review in No Depression by Rachel Cholst

Lynn Drury Persists in Rise of the Fall
Lynn Drury – Rise of the Fall

BY RACHEL CHOLST – No Depression
MAY 31, 2017
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Lynn Drury’s become a master of the world-weary ballad. That doesn’t mean Drury’s stuck in a rut; it’s just that on her eighth (!) album, Rise of the Fall, she plays to her strengths. Drury’s got a refreshing earthiness to her voice that give her songs warmth while her backing band of New Orleans all-stars adds a shot of slinky Tabasco sauce to the otherwise Schlitz-fueled twang. (I couldn’t think of a better food combo but if you have a more appetizing idea, feel free to comment below.)

Each song feels like a nugget of hard-earned wisdom, though it’s never preachy. “Lifetime of Living” is a reminder that the good times aren’t supposed to last, but are a welcome respite from painful lessons. “Tuesday Lover” kisses off a lover who doesn’t appreciate Drury’s (inestimable) value. “Taking All the Good People” stands out to me as one of the most steadfast political songs of the year — its measured approach has a slow-burning effect that an angrier or more histrionic song simply would not. Rise of the Fall further cements Drury’s place in the firmament of New Orleans songwriters — no frills but with an attention to artistry and craft.

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“Rise of the Fall” Available here!

I am SO excited to be releasing my new album, “Rise of the Fall!”  There is nothing quite like having new music to share with your people.  Thanks to all who came out and supported our release party, what an amazing show featuring Chris Adkins, Rene Coman, Chris Pylant, Sam & Jack Craft.  Whoa!  That’s all i can say.  I hope we can do that again, soon.  In the meantime, please continue to share and spread the music.

You can only get the album by downloading here. ->>>>>>>> or there>>>>>>

The official release date at Louisiana Music Factory is set for May 2nd, 2017, 3pm-3:45pm.  I hope to see you there!


Download the new album!

“Rise of the Fall” is coming!

No, not fall weather.. Not at all!  Ha.

Hi Everyone!   I’m in the final stage of getting some new music to you!  The new album “Rise of the Fall” will be available by April 9th, 2017, with digital copies available even sooner!  It’s been a great experience for me to produce this new album, with the help of Rene Coman.   A collection of 12 new songs featuring Chris Adkins, Rene Coman, Chris Pylant, Derek Houston, Jake Gold, Trevor Brooks, Arsène Delay, Sam & Jack Craft & Will Darvill!   I’m very excited to share it with you and i hope you will come out for the release party at DBA on Sunday April 9th, 2017. 10pm show. Many thanks to CSB Roxy Music for helping me make this dream a reality!

This weekend I’m playing a couple of shows of note:

Saturday, March 25th – Old Arabi Bar with Chris Boone, 9pm
Sunday, House Concert at Mr John’s Tropical Paradise! 3pm doors/ 4pm show
see event for details!

Coming up in April, I’ll be continuing Wednesdays at Three Muses Maple Street (new location uptown!) 7-10pm