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Photo by Josh Hailey



Come to My House

On Saturday, May 17th, 2014, Lynn Drury celebrated the release of her latest album “Come To My House.”

“An absolute triumph” says John Swenson of Offbeat Magazine, July 2014.

Produced by John Porter, “Come to My House” features Shane Theriot, Casandra Faulconer, Chris Pylant, Trevor Brooks, Chris Adkins and Alex McMurray to name a few. Jon Cleary also lends piano & clavinet on one track.

The album features a range of emotions and sounds, with each song giving the listener more insight into Drury’s fate in love, courage and heartbreak. The title track, “Come to My House” is rock and roll unhinged, featuring Theriot’s ferocity on the guitar, and “Tell Me” is already a pop sensation with a hook so strong, you’ll find yourself humming along for days. You’ll want to come to her house and you won’t want to leave.


Press for Sugar on the Floor – Released 2011

Press for All You Need – Released 2006

Photo by Tyler Austin