(Per) Sister Exhibition at Newcomb Art Museum

It was an honor to be asked to write two songs for this project which is on exhibition now until July 6, 2019.  (Per) Sister, Incarcerated Women of Louisiana, seeks to bring awareness and explore the root causes of women's incarceration, the social impact of long-term incarcerated mothers, the psychological and physical toll of incarceration, and the challenges and opportunities of reentry for formerly incarcerated women.

Did you know?
Since 1986, Louisiana has ranked in the top ten states nationwide for the highest incarceration rates.  From 2005-2018, Louisiana ranked first in the nation and the world in holding people captive.  Only now since enacting reforms, is Louisiana second to Oklahoma, and women are one of the fastest growing state populations.

The exhibition pairs artists/painters/songwriters with a formerly incarcerated woman, the artist interpreting their stories through their respective art.  It is an eye-opening and heart-wrenching exhibition.  I encourage everyone to visit before it's gone, and I'm so proud to be a part!  At Tulane's Newcomb Art Museum, it is free and open to the public.