From the recording Come To My House

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Lynn Drury - lead vocals, b/up vocals, acoustic guitar
Chris Pylant - b/up vocals, drums
Casandra Faulconer- bass
Chris Adkins - electric guitar
Trevor Brooks - B3 & piano
Shane Theriot - electric guitar & additional arrangement
John Porter - percussion


I can't' tell you what it is, making me lose my mind
see I'm barricaded in, only hurt from the outside
everybody sees a sign but nobody knows which way
to react in unkind, honey that's what you mean to me
I can't tell you what it is, but you can't tell me how to feel
I only wanted to suffocate under the weight of a love that's real
And I tried so many times, but the spark wouldn't fire, and the night just disintegrated under the singed edge of desire
If you catch me from the bottom then you know I ain't gonna be safe, safe
If you see me looking outside then you know I ain't gonna be safe
that's what you mean to me yeah that's what you mean to me

And I watched 'em coming in I watched em pouring out, prospecting a desert land and tip-toeing around
but i got it underway, i got it going on, to hear everybody say, baby your time has come
and i tried so many times but the love would not surround so now I just beat out with the hit parade watch me scream and shout