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Adobe and Teardrops praise for "Live My Life" 

Check it out!  Rachel Cholst wrote up the new single in her “Adobe and Teardrops” music blog!  Rachel Cholst has been a supporter of mine for years, and I absolutely love what she stands for as a human being.  If you want to understand someone you must first, listen.

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New Single Coming Friday! 

I'm VERY excited y'all!  We have a new song to share this Friday, Oct 27th!  “Live My Life” will be available everywhere!  Please save to your library here:

New Album in the Works! 

New album in the works!!!  Happy Carnival everyone, I'm excited to be working on a new album! We recorded at Dockside Studio down in Maurice, LA on the Vermillion River.  It was quite an inspiring 3 days for me.  I caught the muses ear, I guess.  Songs and melodies began to flow to me and it resulted in a brand new song written the first night, and recorded the second day! “Hide Tide” was written quickly and I'm so proud of the work we did in the studio.  What a magical session!  Doug Belote on drums, Papa Mali on all things guitars and Rene Coman on bass.  We are in the process of overdubs right now, and will be mixing next week.  We have 11 tracks to work on.  I can't wait to share the songs!