1. Baby Blues

From the recording Come To My House

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Lynn Drury - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Chris Pylant - b/up vocals, drums
Casandra Faulconer- bass
Chris Adkins - electric guitar
John Porter- electric guitar and solo
Alex McMurray - acoustic guitar
Trevor Brooks - Wurlitzer E. piano


Yeah he needed to get out of town quick
Only the money never seemed to stick to him
He said that being on top was overrated
maybe its 'cause he never made it
when you get your head out of the clouds
I'll meet you on the ground

Yeah He needed to get out of town quick
only he never picked the right ones
a little trouble up in Michigan
screaming with her baby blues and then
then it all starts to sink in
sinking in

You make the red lights pass to green
but she's a crumpled up napkin in your lap of luxury

Yeah I need to get out of this town
You cut me like the road but I've already been down
You'll find your light shines brighter in a small town so take the road less traveled if it keeps you if it keeps you safe and sound
and maybe I'll see you around
maybe i'll see you around
If you survive the drown you know I'll see you around.