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Lynn Drury

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Never easily corralled, Lynn Drury pens her music "NOLA-MERICANA giving the listener a taste of the sound. She is an award-winning songwriter with a distinctive voice-this is New Orleans Americana created in a city that moves to it's own groove.

Music & live video

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Press photos

photo by Doug Kosydar

New album, "High Tide" Cover - photo by Kaitlin Hanrahan, design by Tom Harvey

Lynn & Papa Mali performing on "Great Day Louisiana" Apr 12th, 2024

Press / Reviews

The best song here is the most personal one: “I Waited Too Long” is arranged like an early-’60s torch ballad” - Brett Milano

Offbeat Magazine

Throughout, Drury conveys the feelings of a strong, independent woman who refuses to be thrown out of the saddle, but at the same time, she has warmth that is stirring and inviting. It is this combination of softness and strength that makes Drury’s music intriguing and beautiful.” - Ruby Masters

— Offbeat Magazine (review of "Rise of the Fall")

If rockers Joan Jett or Suzi Quatro ventured into country rock with a ballad it may sound like this…. Lynn Drury is an equally accomplished artist & it’s evident.” - John Apice

Americana Highways

This singer/songwriter from Nawlins via Miss’ippi has come up with the album Lucinda Williams fans have been hoping for. Without being a copycat, Drury has her own sound but she does a great job of following in and filling some mighty big footsteps. Simply a right on set throughout.” - Chris Spector

Midwest Record

The album offers the listener a soul-baring journey sparked with the grit of her country roots, the heart of her New Orleans city blues, and the honesty of her American folk spirit. ”

American Blues Scene

I got into her voice like a leather-upholstered bar booth. She sounds like a sultrier, smokier Bonnie Raitt, infusing a cathartic world-weary woe and wisdom into every line that's worth the price of the album, if you ask me. ” - Laura Miller

— Offbeat Magazine