1. BLUE

From the recording Dancin' In The Kitchen

written by Lynn Drury, produced by Papa Mali

Lynn Drury - Acoustic guitar, Vocals
Papa Mali - Electric guitar
Rene Coman - Electric Bass
Doug Belote - Drums


(written by Lynn Drury)

Blue, blue, blue
I ain’t never going back to you
to the days of wine and rain
to the ways of love and pain
Blue, blue, blue
So blue I don’t know what to do

Green, green, green
Frolic in the fields so green
Everywhere that I looked
Every step that I took, It was
Green, green, green
Greenest singer that you ever seen

Black, black, black
Into the abyss there’s no turnin’ back
Every night when you pull the shades
And your past begins to fade to
Black, black, black
You’re gonna give me a heart attack

Gray, gray, gray
Ah, what a beautiful shade
“Oh your eye’s look so pretty today”
I only hear it when the skies are
Gray, gray, gray
I only hear it on a cloudy day

White, white, white
You wanna hold me down, make everything alright?
Past the veil there shines no light
A fairytale that you grip tight, Oh it’s
White white white
There’s nothing like a little white lie, lie, lie
There’s nothing like a little white lie