Lynn Drury

NOLAmericana Music ~

By Maureen King

Lynn Drury has been performing, in one arena or another, her entire life. At the ripe old age of five she won a 4-H state competition in Mississippi in pole bending. If you don’t know what pole bending is, it’s a little like barrel racing, Lynn says. That’s horse talk. In a word, rodeos. Once you know that much about Lynn, you understand her approach.

She picked up the guitar at 26, went at it like a pro, and she’s never stopped working. Her inspiration is her environment and since the late nineties, that environment has been New Orleans. The transition for the Yazoo City – born Drury was smooth. She says jasmine smells like honeysuckle, and you believe her. Sultry, sweet songs turn funky, and it’s all in the same neighborhood.

These days, Lynn herself is part of the scenery.  Calling her unique sound “NOLA-MERICANA”  With her distinctive voice, this is definitive New Orleans Americana created in a city that moves to it’s own groove.   She’s been a regular at French Quarter Fest and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for years, and has played just about everywhere in town.  Over the past two decades, that meticulously cultivated style – NOLAmericana® – has brought Drury’s original music to stages all over the world.  

“Crossing Frequencies” (2001)
“Blackberry Winter” (2002 with Bad Mayo)
“Spun” (2003 with Bad Mayo)
"All You Need” (2006) Produced by Jimbo Mathus
“Dal Vivo (2009) (Live in Italy w/ Roberto Luti)
“Sugar on the Floor" (2011) Produced by Carlo Nuccio
“Come to My House” (2014)  Produced by John Porter (13 Grammy Award Winner)
“Rise of the Fall," (2017) Produced by Lynn Drury & Rene Coman
"Dancin' In The Kitchen," (2021) Produced by Ric Robertson

A new album “High Tide,” is coming soon!  Produced by Papa Mali (Ruthie Foster, 7 Walkers)  It features Papa on lead guitars which provides the perfect landscape to capture Drury's essence as a songwriter.  With a great backing rhythm section of Doug Belote and Rene Coman, it also features special appearances by Yvette Landry, Roddie Romero, Jason Mingledorf, and many more.  Recorded and mixed at Dockside Studio by Justin Tocket in Maurice, LA (Jan-April 2023).  Mastered by Brian Lucey/Magic Garden Mastering.  This album was made possible by CSB Roxy & a grant from Threadhead Cultural Foundation.


Music for “The Man In The Red Beret” Documentary about chess master, Jude Acers

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Offbeat Award Winner: Best Country Folk Singer/Songwriter (2003)


Pictured, Lynn and "Pepper" at the MS National High School Rodeo Finals in Rapid City, SD

"Drury’s greatest strength is the soulfulness in her voice"”

John Swenson, Offbeat Magazine

An impressive set, Rise of the Fall proves to be the perfect venue to place Drury on the national radar. ”

Keith Wierzbicki -Anti Music/Root 66

Lynn Drury's become the master of the world-weary ballad”

Rachel Cholst, No Depression

"An Absolute Triumph!"” - John Swenson

Offbeat Magazine

Throughout, Drury conveys the feelings of a strong, independent woman who refuses to be thrown out of the saddle, but at the same time, she has warmth that is stirring and inviting. It is this combination of softness and strength that makes Drury’s music intriguing and beautiful.” - Ruby Masters

Ruby Masters - Offbeat

On The Rise - Feature Story”

Holly Hobbs, Gambit Weekly