From the recording Come To My House

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Lynn Drury - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Chris Pylant - b/up vocals, drums
Casandra Faulconer- bass
Shane Theriot -Electric guitar, solo
John Porter- additional acoustic guitar
Trevor Brooks - Piano & B3 Organ


It's alway dingy always dirty in my ragged memory
Always feeling for the lines but it's written in between
I feel attached to the ground though i linger endlessly with ring heavy hands to shine my grief

If I get stuck without a line would you bury me in secret? Could you cut and paste it so that both of us could keep it
this fascination's nothing but blindfolds and dreams and rings.

Someone's lurking in the dungeon but i can't make out his face got me wrapped up and tethered to my lover's fate, i said,
I'm not afraid of this death i got nothing to release
i'll be gutted into blue and then I'll make my peace
as he's ushering me through the gold blind's my face..
with ring heavy hands i pass through the gate