1. Make It Easy

From the recording Come To My House

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Lynn Drury - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Chris Pylant - b/up vocals, drums
Casandra Faulconer- bass
John Porter- acoustic lead guitar, percussion
Trevor Brooks - B3 Organ


Let's make it easy
Let's make it easy

I could not dissolve this pain (afraid)
wrapped in fear sublime
You could say i was blinded (shame shame)
that would be so kind

One two four five seven days (stay)
All the time caught up
I could not decide what to do (afraid)
I once had a clue

but I could be flying from your touch
you could be telling me something you forgot
why not just make it easy
make it easy

Queen of complicated i know
are you worth more than just hookin up after the show
I know it could be easy
it could be easy
Come on let's make it easy
make it easy